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Wirt Drawing Print - Handmade Artwork Print - Over the Garden Wall

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"Get that frog out of your pants!"
If you're in need of a older brother to constantly worry over what you do and to chide you about your strange actions, you'll love Wirt!
Perfect for any fan of Over the Garden Wall - this drawing evokes all of the cozy, cottage core feelings of the show itself 🖤

This drawing was inspired by characters from Over the Garden Wall and was hand drawn my Whitney Goller (that's me!).

Your print is on 8.5x11" cardstock with crisp, beautiful details. The work is on matte paper to reduce any sheen.

*Artist Disclaimer* This is a handmade piece of artwork. That means you should expect small marks and imperfections that make this piece a unique, collective, handmade artwork. Please enjoy the perfect imperfections!