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.Flower Motif Personal Teapot - Black and Red

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This satin-matte black with white specks ceramic teapot is carved with a radiating pattern around the entire pot. Much of the carved areas have a deep red inlay with a floating metallic sheen. This teapot is large enough to serve 3-4 cups of brewed tea. 

 Please note that while this teapot is heat safe, it is not a kettle. I suggest warming and cooling your teapot gently and slowly at all times. 



Height: approx. 4"

Total width: approx. 8"

Volume: approx. 24-32 ounces

This cauldron mug is glazed with a satin-matte with white flecks textured black finish, and has a sculpted handle and lid. It features a sculpted design around its entirety with deep red glaze inlaid in the carving.

Heat, food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. 




ARTIST'S DISCLAIMER: This is a handmade item. That means you can expect variations and imperfections that will make your piece completely unique and special. Every part of this work began from a lump of clay and was formed by my hands.