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Have a super special design in mind that you've never seen me make before!? No problem - you can request everything from pipes, mugs, beer steins, bowls, teapots, to urns. And if you need a perfect hanging sculpture on your wall, I've got you covered there too. 

Send me your awesome ideas, your crazy ideas, and your SPOOKY ideas!!

*Please read this entire description before purchasing.

The current wait time for customs is: 1 month

Please note that the wait time indicates how long it will take for me to BEGIN your order and does not indicate how quickly I will send the order. The wait time assumes that you send me details of what you'd like within 3 days of ordering. I process 4-6 custom orders per month, depending on size. 

How to order: Purchase this listing to RESERVE your spot. Send me an email ( with your details and I will calculate your work price based on what you would like done. I will then charge you for anything above $70, or refund you for any work under $70. Please find BASE pricing below for common items. 

Timeline: Work will be completed and mailed in 4-8 weeks after you purchase - pending the level of detail and amount of work requested. Please plan on purchasing according to this timeline! 

Guide for your request email: Please try to be as specific as possible about what you want - otherwise I WILL take creative liberties with your piece. Images are welcome. Try to answer the following questions in your request: Do you want your piece to be painted, carved, sculpted, or a combination? Do you want silver or gold added? Do you want the design on the entire piece or only the front? Each additional request will raise the price of your work. 


small items ($30 base): pipes, trinket dishes, ornaments, 64sq. inch wall sculptures, etc

medium items ($70 base): mugs, steins, personal teapots, 144sq. inch wall sculptures, etc

large items ($120 base): large teapots, urns, serving dishes, 400sq. inch wall sculptures, etc


**Please note that due to the timeline of this kind of work that I cannot refund cancellations - I am trying to get work done in a timely manner for you and everyone else who orders, making it difficult to reopen Custom Listings after they've been taken.